Our Expertise

We have extensive orthopedic experience, working with trauma patients,

post operative rehabilitation as well as a variety of other cases.

Some of our training and expertise includes:

·         Penn, Rothman Institute Shoulder and Elbow Course

·         Graston Technique, manual therapy

·         Shirley Sahrmann: Movement Syndromes of Lumbar Spine and Hip

·         Kinesio-Taping, Therapeutic Taping, Clinical Applications and Correctional Techniques

·         Maitland Spinal Mobilization

·         Sports Medicine Symposiums Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC

·         Yale Women’s Health Course

·         Matheson Ergonomic Evaluation Certification Program

·         Foot Courses: When the foot hits the ground everything changes, Advanced Biomechanics of the Foot and Ankle

·         Myofascial Release of Cervical and Lumbar Spine

We treat everyone from adolescents to adults.

We offer:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Rehab
  • Manual Therapy
  • Sports Rehab
  • Geriatrics
  • Vestibular and Balance Rehab
  • Pediatric Rehab
  • Pain
  • Wellness and Fitness
    And more...